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AMI (Audi Music Interface) part numbers / Notes on retrofitting AMI (A4/A5/A6) (by LoCal)

2.8.2008 (updated 9.3.2010) - A fellow Audi enthusiast LoCal sent in this contribution.
Audi Music Interface is a system that allows connection of various music devices like iPods using different cables that connect to the interface and controlling them from the car's Audi multimedia system. AMI in MMI 2G/CAN radio Audis is a standard single DIN sized (e.g. same size as an Audi CD changer) media player (physically different in MMI 3G cars). Depending on the multimedia hardware in the car (MMI 3G, MMI 2G, generation III CAN radio or model-year 2010 RNS-E is the current list), AMI parts and part-numers are different, even if they often, though not always, look alike externally. If not ordered from the factory, AMI can be retrofitted and Kufatec.de is the place to go for retrofit kits.

Note I: AMI is not the same as the old iPod/USB connection in an A3/TT or older A4 that simulates a CD changer, but integrated better with the car's Audi multimedia system. See https://a6retrofit.tripod.com/articles/a4a5realmmi.html and https://a6retrofit.tripod.com/articles/audimultimediasystems.html for notes on different kinds of multimedia systems in Audis.

Note II: The part-numbers here for AMI components cover MMI 2G and generation III CAN radios only, although the AMI cables listed are compatible with MMI 3G and probably RNS-E version of AMI too (always confirm from dealer), unless otherwise marked. In MMI 3G Audis the Audi Music Interface is externally only a connector in the side of the glovebox interior, retrofitting AMI to MMI 3G is not discussed here, but see always Kufatec.de for solutions. Starting from model-year 2010 a version of AMI is also compatible with the latest A3/TT/R8 RNS-E navigation, part numbers for that are not listed here, but audiforum.us/rns-e or audiforum.us/multimedia are good places to ask.

An example of Kufatec's AMI retrofit kit:

Retrofit Kit AMI Musicinterface IPOD A6 4F (Product No.: 34520)


UPDATE 11.3.2009: Finnish readers, please see also this:

Audi Music Interfacen asentamisesta Audi A4 B8/A5 (MMI High) (by LoCal)


UPDATE 22.3.2009: Really good Audi Music Interface retrofit guide:

Step by Step Instructions - Replacing 2006 A6 Avant CD Changer with AMI


UPDATE 17.2.2009: If you only need an analogue aux-in plug, Kufatec.de also sells retrofit kits for the Audi factory aux-in connection, e.g. (model-year and sound system limitations seem to apply):

MMI-High AUX-IN - Retrofit - Audi A6 4F


UPDATE 30.3.2009: AMI for Audi MMI 2G uses different cables compared to AMI CAN (for radios) and AMI for Audi MMI 3G.

Audi Music Interface Cable Compatibility Spreadsheet

AMI (Audi Music Interface) - Cable Compatability

Part numbers from the link:

iPod cable 4F0 051 510 E, 4F0 051 510 L (cable with black grommet)

Fits physically in AMI CAN and MMI 3G but will not work.

iPod cable 4F0 051 510 K (cable with blue grommet)

According to the links, the newer "3G" cable can be made working in MMI 2G with software update to AMI, if the AMI is a later revision (software above 700).

These work in both:

USB cable 4F0 051 510 G
Mini USB cable 4F0 051 510 H
Stereo cable 4F0 051 510 C

Also, for AMI retrofit part numbers discussion for CAN cars, see here:

Part # Request: Audi Symphony III radio


AMI is also one of the few factory items Audi dealers will retrofit themselves, so you can ask your dealer for a quote too.

Since model-year 2009 (calendar week 22/2008) AMI is also available for Audi A4 B8 and A5 models without MMI, which have just the Concert/Symphony radio with MMI-like control logic and screen. This is functionally the same as the original AMI, but it is a different part number as it connects to the CAN bus instead of the MMI's fiber-optic MOST loop. Apparently model-year 2008 A4 B8/A5 cars are not compatible with this new CAN-based AMI, but may need a new radio, software update or something to allow retrofitting of AMI.

Below are the Audi part-numbers for various AMI components (for A4 B8, probably very relevant with A5 too, MOST components probably also for A6/A8/Q7):


- Audi Music Interface (MOST, 8K-8-000 001 - 8K-9-027 200): 4E0 057 785 B
- Audi Music Interface (MOST, 8K-8-013 001 - 8K-9-027 200): 4E0 057 785 D
- Audi Music Interface (CAN, 8K-9-000 001 - ): 8T0 057 785

Wiring, interface housing and tools:

- wiring (MOST): 4F0 051 592 A
- wiring (CAN): 8K0 051 592
- housing: 4E0 060 700
- cover cap: 4E0 060 701
- springs: 4E0 060 702
- drawer: 4E0 060 703
- release tool for media player: 4D0 051 530


- 3.5 mm aux-in cable: 4F0 051 510 F
- iPod cable (MMI 2G MOST only): 4F0 051 510 E
- iPod cable (MMI 2G MOST only): 4F0 051 510 L
- iPod cable (CAN/MMI 3G/MMI 2G with latest software): 4F0 051 510 K
- mini-USB cable: 4F0 051 510 H
- USB cable: 4F0 051 510 G
- A2DP Bluetooth adapter and cable (with AMI software update USB stick): 4F0 051 510 J

Sebastian from Ross-Tech reports that the complete CAN (non-MMI, Radio only) AMI retrofitting kit is part number 8K0 051 592.


http://www.audi.de/mp3 (AMI software updates, compatibility lists etc. in German)


UPDATE 29.10.2009:

CAN bus AMI 12-pin connector pinouts here:

AMI Pinouts?

1 - Terminal 31
2 - CAN Bus Low (Infotainment)
4 - NF right (low frequency) to radio -R-
7 - Terminal 30
8 - CAN Bus High (Infotainment)
9 - NF left (low frequency) to radio -R-
10 - NF earth (low frequency) to radio -R-


UPDATE 14.12.2009:

See also:

Can I listen to Bluetooth audio sources in an Audi? (by LoCal)


UPDATE 9.3.2010:

In this thread, LoCal answered a question what iPod options are there for a 2008 A5 with no sat-nav and no AUX/AMI:

2008 A5 with no AUX/IPOD port. any options for me?

"Your options are somewhat limited. It might be possible to retrofit that AUX but that may require replacing the radio or upgrading its software with at least model-year 2009 one.

While you are at it - your best option would be updating/replacing the radio (whichever is necessary) to support the CAN version of Audi Music Interface (model-year 2009 upwards) and then retrofit CAN AMI in the glove-box. That would give you the sweet iPod connectivity AMI has.

Some part numbers and links below, note there is a MOST version for MMI 2G of AMI and CAN version for radio Concert/Symphony - you need the latter, the CAN one.

AMI (Audi Music Interface) part numbers / Notes on retrofitting AMI (A4/A5/A6)

AMI is one thing even official dealers might be able to retrofit for you. But note that your car may need a new or updated radio to support CAN AMI."

By LoCal

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