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Links to Audi A5/S5 B&O subwoofer replacement (probably relevant for A4 B8 saloon/sedan too)

14.3.2009 (updated 22.3.2009) - Thanks to LoCal for collecting the following links:

Some people have felt that, while the B&O sound system is otherwise great, the subwoofer in their A4 B8/A5 needs upgrading. This is relatively easy on an A4 B8 sedan/saloon or an A5, the subwoofer is under the rear shelf. In an A4 B8 Avant the subwoofer is, at least in the Audi Sound System (also in B&O?), under the spare under the trunk floor, it might be harder to find a suitable subwoofer replacement for that space.

Links to installation reports:

Audi S5 Subwoofer Replacement Install

New sub replacement with pics

For those of you who'v changed the factory B&O sub

System just got done in my S5

Also, note the discussion about what effect full MMI has on the B&O (the amp is different when the car has MMI/DVD navigation as opposed to when the car just has a Concert/Symphony radio). See links below for more on this. Also, see the links for notes on MMI software upgrades - some reports state that B&O subwoofer performance has noticeably improved after software upgrades (e.g. MMI 5570).

B&O without MMI - anyone unhappy?

Will the real MMI please stand up? Difference between standard radio Concert/Symphony and the optional DVD navigation's MMI controls in B8 platform Audi A4 and A5

MMI upgrade to 5570

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