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Links to installing trunk hooks, nets, cup holder covers and and fire extinguisher in A4 B8/A5 (by LoCal)

22.3.2009 (updated 23.5.2010) - Thanks to LoCal for collecting the following links:

For installing trunk hooks (these hooks won't apply to Avant of course) for bags and rear side nets etc., see these links:

little hooks for carrier bags in the boot (trunk)

AudiWorld.com: Hooks are installed

Some part numbers for reference from the threads, hooks:

Bag retainer in luggage boot: 1K5 867 615 (2 required, assuming install on both sides of the trunk as from factory)

Nuts: 811 807 577 C (Similar/same nuts seem to be: N-909-946-01) (2 required, packs of 2)

Screws (4.8x19mm): N 106 332 02 (4 required)

Rear side netting:

The net/frame and the four fasteners: 8T0-861-710--4PK

If you dislike the open large cup holder in the front of the A4 B8/A5, you can cover it conveniently with an OEM part, the Volkswagen New Beetle ashtray that fits both in size and colour (if you have black dash). Part number 1C0 857 962 C 2QL (2QL is the black colour code, it is also available in beige and light gray, although do check if they match with Audi).

Note (update 22.9.2009), the C part number has been since replaced with a slightly different looking (but still compatible) ashtray part, that has a small handle for opening it. The new part number (for black) is: 1C0 857 962 E 2QL

See more here:

A5OC.com: Also hate the cupholders?

Also of interest might be this thread, it discusses more than just the first aid kit (by the way, first aid kit is 8K0 860 282, 8K0 860 282 A, 8K0 860 282 B):

Looking for First Aid Kit part number...

Factory fire extinguisher ETKA pictures and parts for installation in the passenger seat or passenger footwell options:

A5OC.com: Fire extinguisher

See also:


Retrofits: OEM Audi Fire Extinguisher, Umbrella, Vest...!

Got it: Audi OEM UMBRELLA (for drivers seat box) & other OEM accessories (w/ pics)

And the Delivery man commeth. Upcoming projects.

Please double check all the part numbers mentioned here from the actual threads and from your Audi dealer before ordering!

By LoCal

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