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Interesting VAG-COM codes for Audi A5/A4 B8/Q5, many for A6/A8/Q7 as well (by LoCal)

27.6.2008 (updated 26.8.2010) - Fellow Audi enthusiast LoCal continues with his contributions, this time by collecting interesting VAG-COM codes for Audis from various forums. Thanks LoCal and all the original posters! (Note: Embedded revision history in this article was recently removed to regain article readability. Title was also changed from: Interesting VAG-COM codes for Audi A5 - probably A4 B8 too, maybe A6 etc. as well.)

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Note! Since the creation of this page other valuable VAG-COM repositories have sprung up at popular Audi forums. These benefit from more detailed information, pictures and interactivity not present here. For the latest and greatest new VAG-COM codes for A4/A5/Q5, please see these English/German links:

http://www.audizine.com/forum/showthread.php?t=278256 (Audizine.com: Cool VAG-COM codes)
http://www.motor-talk.de/forum/codierungen-hier-sammeln-t1963013.html (Codierungen hier sammeln?)
http://www.a5oc.com/forums/forumdisplay.php/a5-s5-topics-38/ (A5 & S5 Topics, search: VAG COM)

You may also want to read this Ess5ive's document "for dummies", useful information for beginners:

http://www.a5oc.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=3599&d=1225786784 (direct to PDF)
http://www.a5oc.com/forums/showthread.php/vag-com-vcds-5162/index.html?t=5162 (original thread)
http://www.motor-talk.de/forum/aktion/Attachment.html?attachmentId=680908 (copy also here)

For more links, see the end of this article. And of course, lots of FAQs and codes below...

VAG-COM/VCDS is a cable and software package by Ross-Tech (www.ross-tech.com) that allows diagnosing and changing maintenance-shop level software settings in Audis and other Volkswagen Group vehicles. In this article I have collected interesting VAG-COM settings for Audi A5, which are possibly relevant for other models as well, especially Audi A4 B8 but probably other, especially MMI based cars, too.

Note: For the entire current Audi line-up from A4 B8/A5/A6 up, you need the HEX-CAN cable from Ross-Tech (whether USB or serial, that doesn't matter) because these cars use both older K line and newer CAN buses for diagnostics and only the HEX-CAN cable covers both. Other VAG-COM cables (like older cables that work with last generation A4 B6/B7 that uses only K line or the more-limited MicroCAN cable that currently only works, in an Audi, with the CAN-only A3) won't work.

WARNING! If you don’t know what you are doing, don’t do anything with VAG-COM. You can seriously mess up the settings of your car with this tool. I have not personally tried any of the settings listed here, I have collected them from the Internet and provided the links for you to check out the original postings. Please verify any changes you intend to make from other sources as well. The risk is all yours.

Also note, there may be market-to-market and model-year differences in how these settings affect your car. A setting that might work for someone else does not necessarily work for you. Some things also only work on the older MMI 2G or the newer MMI 3G (see links at the end of this article), mostly the information originates from MMI 2G and Audi A5 unless otherwise mentioned, but it is often relevant for other Audi models and revisions as well.

Recommendation: I highly recommend following the links published at the end of this article as well as updating VAG-COM/VCDS software regularly with new data files from Ross-Tech.com and perhaps experimenting (remember the warning above), there are lots of settings available and documented that are not covered here and will never be covered here. I have tried to collect some of the more prominent or subjectively useful codings, but lots more can be done!


Before we dig into the good stuff, a quick FAQ about VAG-COM/VCDS for rookies:

Q: Ross-Tech's VAG-COM is expensive; I saw a cheaper non-original cable. Should I get it instead?

A: In my opinion, absolutely not. Many non-original cables only work with older car models (see below), are not of original quality and you may end up wasting your money. Too many stories of things going wrong even with cables that were supposed to work. Also, many non-original cables are designed to work with the VAG-COM/VCDS software from Ross-Tech.com that you might end-up pirating or having to hack the dongle lock (after all, the software is only for use with the official cable), not worth the trouble and hassle - and those guys at Ross-Tech really deserve our support instead of piracy. Buy the cable once, and you will usually get free updates from Ross-Tech.com - and enjoy it through many cars (not just Audis, Volkswagens, Seats, Skodas etc. too). Absolutely worth it to pay these guys once for their continued service. I bought my cable years ago and have used it on several cars with continued free updates from Ross-Tech, money well spent, that will continue to serve me in the future as well.

Q: But I will only need VAG-COM once, why should I bother buying my own? Should I do the coding at a meet instead?

A: Obviously this is up to you and many go successfully by the cable sharing route, but personally I think many people underestimate the ways in which VAG-COM can be useful (and fun) once you get your own. I doubt you will need it only once, I’ve used mine for countless times. The most obvious is of course the fact that new codings are found all the time, so having your own cable handy will allow you to try and change things around whenever you feel like it - you may not like some coding change you made or something new is discovered etc. Second, sometimes taking the car to the dealership for repairs or maintenance will result in your codings being reset and the hunt for someone to redo your codings begins. Having your own cable, again, lets you do it yourself whenever. Third, diagnostics. When something seems wrong, it is useful to be able to check the error codes yourself and decide on action - a maintenance shop will usually charge a hefty fee just for checking the error codes. Few of these and you've already "paid" for the cable. Fourth, retrofits. Many dismantling and retrofit projects require either coding or clearing some error codes that came up during normal retrofitting (e.g. normal taking down of the glove box will often result in airbag light coming up, just clear the codes) - own cable helps. Plus there are tons of other uses for VAG-COM, like engine statistics etc.

Q: OK, you've convinced me. But Ross-Tech.com lists many variations of the cable. Which one should I get?

A: Since this VAG-COM codes page is mostly geared towards the A5/A4 B8/Q5 crowd (as well as A6/A8/Q7 secondarily), the short answer is: the HEX+CAN one - none of the other versions of the cable will work with those car models. Older Audis, like the A4 B6, required only so called "K-line" diagnostics, with which older HEX, KEY or KII interfaces worked. On the other hand, current A3/TT require "CAN" diagnostics that require at least the Micro-CAN version of the cable that doesn't support K-line at all. But by buying the HEX+CAN cable, you get the best of both worlds, support for K-line and CAN diagnostics and the widest range of supported past, present and future cars. Also, the full HEX+CAN is required for the models mentioned in the title of this page anyway, since they use both K-line and CAN diagnostics in the car. (Of course, in the future again some models might be introduced that require some new form of cable, who knows, but at present HEX+CAN is a great choice no matter what VAG car you drive.) Ross-Tech has a compatibility chart here: http://www.ross-tech.net/VCDS/download/VCDSCompatibilityCharts.pdf

Q: USB or serial version of the cable?

A: Whichever is compatible with your PC. If you have a choice, for future-proof, I’d say USB is recommended as your future PC might not have a serial port at all. I use USB myself.

Q: So, I need a PC right?

A: Yes, you need a Windows PC (an Intel Mac boot camped into Windows works great too), preferably a laptop you can take into your car. See Ross-Tech.com for more on compatibility.

Q: The VAG-COM cable is too short for me. I need an extension cable.

A: Ross-Tech.com lists commentary on the compatibility of extension cables. They also sell some kits that come with compatible extension cables, see there. Personally I just take my laptop inside the car and the regular VAG-COM cable length suffices well.

Q: Where do I buy VAG-COM/VCDS?

One way is to order from Ross-Tech.com direct. They ship mostly worldwide and also offer cool kits that have carrying bags and extension cables for the VAG-COM cable, if you are interested in those - but of course just the cable will suffice and after that the software is a free download from Ross-Tech.com. There are also regional dealers, some of which offer localized versions of the VAG-COM/VCDS software (Ross-Tech.com sells only English). Local dealers may also be a good way of saving in shipping costs and import duties. For example, a Finnish dealer for VAG-COM is Turbotec.com (http://www.turbotec.com/_cs/cat/product_catalog.php?c=1).

Q: Where does the cable plug into?

A: Location of the usually purpleish connector differs from car to car, but in the listed Audis it is usually clearly visible in the driver footwell (in LHD cars anyway). Just plug the cable in and a green light will light up in the VAG-COM cable to confirm.

Q: Will I be able enough to use the software?

A: If you know how to use a generic Windows program, likely and usually yes. Some technical understanding of technical things help, but generally, following instructions, using the actual VAG-COM/VCDS software or cable is well within the grasp of average computer users. However, the above and end-of-page disclaimers do apply: although using the software is fairly simple, doing some wrong coding or adaptation with it might results in you breaking something, voiding warranty or putting the car into some maintenance mode you can’t seem to get it out unless you know exactly what steps to take. But understanding this, and researching every change and operation you intend to make in advance (well known simple coding changes are usually very easy and relatively safe to do), usually everything works out great. Usually the program guides you and warns you, so read the helps and texts. Knocking on wood, I haven’t caused any damage to my cars or their warranties or any such thing yet (and all coding etc. changes I’ve made have been easily reversible too), and I’ve played with VAG-COM a lot. Note: I have not personally tested most of the codes below since I don’t (yet) own an A5/A4 B8/Q5, but see the provided links for experiences from other users. In any case, the risk is yours to understand and take, if you so choose. I intend to continue using VAG-COM.

Q: But, but, but...

A: What you do with your money is up to you, but I’d say: no buts, just buy it, especially if you have a suitable computer to use it with and feel capable to use the software on your car. Personally, I might even buy a PC just for it, but that’s me. The amount of hassle it is likely save you and the convenience it can add, will usually be well worth it. Think of it as a long-term tool, instead of a single-time coding device. Your car deserves the best tools, right? This is the best at this time, in my opinion. And I am not affiliated with Ross-Tech in anyway, just a happy paying customer. I can not imagine owning a car without this access to its internals any more. If this is not enough to convince you, just see all the fun stuff listed below and in the links ahead, you really don’t want to miss out on this! Said disclaimers applying.

All that said, here are some of the interesting tweaks you can make with VAG-COM:

Hidden menu: C99 reported (http://www.a5oc.com/forums/showthread.php/check-oil-2909/index.html?p=32223) in an A5OC.com thread how you can access a hidden maintenance menu via MMI. (This may require the "real" MMI 2G, it may not work on a Concert/Symphony radio and MMI 3G hidden menu is enabled differently, see below. See here for more on the "real" MMI vs. radios: https://a6retrofit.tripod.com/articles/a4a5realmmi.html).

Apparently you can access this hidden menu by holding down CAR and SETUP for five/six seconds. There are whole host of settings you can access here, like adjusting MMI timings, visible options - apparently you can even adjust the TV blackout speed or remove it. I hear you can also make CAR menu selections appear without speed limit. WARNING! According to reports don't select "Bootloader", it will lock the system in a software update mode without a way out (http://www.a5oc.com/forums/showthread.php/interesting-VAG-COM-3442/index.html?p=38153)... Some general info on the same/similar hidden menu in A6 is here: http://www.motor-talk.de/forum/aktion/Attachment.html?attachmentId=397283&ajax=true. If this menu doesn’t work and your MMI version is up to date, you need to enable the menu with the following VAG-COM steps: Head unit controller (07), Adaptation, Channel 8, change 0 to 1, Save.

GPS speed in the hidden menu (MMI 2G): You can see the GPS speed of the car from the hidden menu Navigation / GPS Daten. To interpret it is as km/h or mph, see this PDF: http://www.motor-talk.de/forum/aktion/Attachment.html?attachmentId=672086 (http://audiforum.us/mmi/11985-gps-speed.html). Picture here: http://audiforum.us/mmi/11985-gps-speed.html

In the new MMI 3G, the hidden menu is enabled by setting device 5F adaptation channel 6 value 0 to 1 (http://audiforum.us/mmi/12110-hidden-menu-3g-available.html and http://www.motor-talk.de/forum/hidden-menu-i-the-mmi-t1560482.html?page=17#post21109533). Screenshots and further MMI 3G info here: Unlocking the MMI 3G hidden menu (http://www.trick77.com/2009/07/23/unlocking-mmi-3g-hidden-menu). (The audi-portal.com also mentions here they will unlock the MMI 3G hidden menu for a price, although that seems moot now that a free solution is available: http://www.audi-portal.com/en/retrofiting/tricks_002.html.)

WARNING! There have been reports of MMI 3G Navigation Plus systems loosing their navigation data from the hard-disk after accessing hidden menu this way. The reports suggest it could be caused sometimes by just changing the adaptation channel or perhaps because a wrong adaptation channel (near the channel 6?) has been changed erraneously. Anyway, whatever the cause, the result has been navigation claiming invalid data and error scan revealing Navigation Data Not Present error, requiring either replacement of components or reload of data at dealer judging from early reports. Just an example of what can go wrong with VAG-COM, although this seems to be very rare... See "TPMS just programming?" http://audiforum.us/b8-platform/12077-tpms-just-programming-13.html onwards and "MMI3G Navigation Data Not Present error!" http://audiforum.us/mmi/13067-mmi3g-navigation-data-not-present-error.html for more.

Battery and oil level in CAR menu: Although the sensor information is available in many cars for either of these settings, it is disabled by default in many cars. From the hidden menu mentioned above you can enable these CAR menu entries by selecting, from the hidden menu, DIAG SETTING, then Car Menus Maske, enabling the settings you want and then clicking Accept Changes. See the hidden link URLs above for more information and pictures on this. You may need to restart MMI/car before these take effect. (That posting is also partially quoted here as a "mirror": http://www.ultimatevw.com/keskustelu/?cmd=aihe&id=9845&sivu=45.)

Battery level for MMI 3G is a bit different. In the hidden menu (see above) go to "car", then "carextdevicelist", check "Battery", press return, go to "carmenuoperation" and set "battery" value to 5, exit hidden menu. Restart MMI. Thanks this link: Battery status capacity bar in MMI 3G (http://www.trick77.com/2009/07/23/enabling-battery-status-bar-mmi-3g/). To reset MMI, see: How to reset MMI (https://a6retrofit.tripod.com/articles/resetmmi.html).

Battery and oil level for radio Chorus/Concert/Symphony: B8_Jim reports at http://www.audizine.com/forum/showthread.php?278256-Cool-VAG-COM-codes/page12 that by going to 56 - Radio, Adaptation, Car menu Options 1 add +16 to the value there to enable battery level in the CAR menu. He also suggests to try the value 65535 for all options in the menu, including oil level if your hardware supports it.

Adaptive cruise control default distance: In cars with adaptive cruise control the default distance (1 to 4) can be changed from the CAR menu. If this menu option is hidden in you car, apparently you can enable it with VAG-COM. From the Auto distance regulation module 13, Adaptation, Channel 7, change 0 to 1, Save. Thanks must also go to Ville_K for this and confirmation of other information here (Finnish report here: http://www.ultimatevw.com/keskustelu/?cmd=aihe&id=9845&sivu=47).

Removing seat belt chime: Seat belt warning chime is possible to disable/enable from VAG-COM: Instruments 17, Coding, Long coding helper, Seat belt warning active active/inactive, Transfer coding, Do it!. Thanks to Ville_K and also Ross-Tech (http://www.ross-tech.com/VAG-COM/cars/audiB8.html).

Convenience opening of windows: In some markets the ability to open and close windows with the keyfob (by holding down lock/unlock key) is disabled. Ross-Tech reports in the link above that by going to Cent. Conv. 46, Coding, Long Coding Helper, clicking Comfort Operation: Remote Control active, then Transfer coding, Do it!.

Phone voice control: Cars without full speech dialogue system, but a phone-prep or an Audi Bluetooth phone, come standard with phone speech control. However, it is not enabled or fully enabled in all markets. In the U.S. it is fully disabled (some reports of info from dealers/Audi claim problems if enabling it), in some other markets it is set in limited mode that only allows saving and selecting of voice tags, not actual speech dialogue with the phone. Luckily you can change this with VAG-COM by editing module Telephone (77), Coding, and changing the second last digit in Software coding, options are e.g.: 0 disabled, 2 English UK, 9 allow only voice tags. So if you have it set to 9, changing it to 2 would enable phone-related speech dialogue which you can try out by saying HELP. There are a few different languages built in too. For references see this fine AudiWorld thread (http://forums.audiworld.com/a5/msgs/15745.phtml), also Ville_K reported in Finnish (http://www.ultimatevw.com/keskustelu/?cmd=aihe&id=9845&sivu=47).

DVD navigation eject lock (MMI 2G): Ross-Tech reports that by adjusting channel 068 in the Navigation module you can lock the DVD navigation eject button (anti-theft), 0 = button active, 1 = button inactive. http://wiki.ross-tech.com/index.php/Audi_A5_%288T%29_Navigation#Adaptation

Enabling lap timer and gauge test/needle sweep: Ross-Tech have published (http://www.ross-tech.com/VAG-COM/cars/audiB8.html) instructions and a new version of their software (make sure you have the latest) to enable or disable lap timer (Instruments 17, coding, long coding helper and check Lap Timer active under one of the bytes, click them to find it) and gauge test/needle sweep in the instrument cluster (Instruments 17, coding, long coding helper and check Gauge Test/Needle Sweep active under one of the bytes). With model-year 2010 the laptimer apparently also shows the oil temperature, perhaps readying for RS4/RS5...

Various other instrument cluster alarms can apparently also be found and changed via the Instruments 17 coding, when checking with the latest VAG-COM/VCDS software version, such as 120 km/h speed warning, window washer fluid warning etc. that you can switch on and off.

Enabling/disabling doors locked/alarm armed sound: It is possible to enable the beep the car makes when locking doors in European models and likely to disable the beep in U.S. models that beep by default (and vice-versa of course). Just make sure you have the latest VCDS/VAG-COM updates installed and check/uncheck the checkbox Anti-Theft-System: Horn Confirmation active in 46 Central Conv., Long Coding, Byte 01, Bit 2. This may require that factory alarm is installed on the car.

EuroDan has confirmed that one can also enable a dual opening beep by changing the value on adaptation channel 63 (in module 46) from 40 to 44 (or, judging by the link/info in the next text, adding 4 to whatever value you have there). Obviously, if dual opening beep is already enabled, try -4 subtract from the value to disable it, if you wish. (Old text about this: According to an unconfirmed post at motor-talk.de (http://www.motor-talk.de/forum/codierungen-hier-sammeln-t1963013.html?page=57), one can also enable opening dual beeps in addition to a closing beep. The instructions are: "Komfortsystem (Adresse 46) / Anpassung / Zentralverriegelung Funktionen -> zum eingetragenen Wert +4 addieren" which translates to "Comfort System (address 46) / adjust / add central functions -> to the registered value +4". Note: This was for adaptation channel 63.)

Enabling reverse mirror tilt on cars without memory seats: Go to module 52 Door Elect, Pass., Long Coding, Byte 4. If the byte has value 40 (cars without electrically folding mirrors), change it to 4C. If the byte has value 50 (cars with folding or folding/dimming mirrors), change it to 5C. Afterwards when reversing and the mirror knob is in passenger position the passenger side mirror will tilt while on reverse to better show the curb. Without memory seats it is currently not known if the tilt can be adjusted, it seems to default to a standard amount according to reports (see links below, thanks to EuroDan and Unisurfer). It was reported by -V- (here in Finnish: http://www.ultimatevw.com/keskustelu/index.php?cmd=aihe&id=10753&sivu=185) that 4C won't work in some cars, but value 44 instead does. This probably has to do with equipment levels. Ross-Tech has updated their VCDS/VAG-COM software data to include relevant bits with descriptions, so you can more easily try different combinations.

Enabling key memory in cars with electric, non-memory seats: Thanks to C99 for this tip. Go to module 36 Seat Mem. Drvr (J136), O7, Coding, change Byte 2 bit number 0, to value 1 (checked). You should now see Key memory on/off in the MMI settings for driver's seat. Link: http://www.a5oc.com/forums/showthread.php/memory-seats-key-3608/index.html?t=3608 (Memory of seats in the key in car with just electrical seats). Ross-Tech also recently updated their A5 VAG-COM codings to include a vast amount of instrument cluster codings, see the updated list for things like enabling/disabling washer fluid warning (http://wiki.ross-tech.com/index.php/Audi_A5_(8T)_Instrument_Cluster).

Video in motion: Video in motion (picture showing while driving) for MMI 2G TV and MMI 3G TV/DVD can be enabled with VAG-COM. See links at the end of the article. Note that it may not be allowed to watch TV/DVD and drive at the same time in your country.

Enabling tyre pressure monitoring: Since this step includes coding the ABS Brakes module and functionality has not been fully confirmed (although it does seem to work for many), I would recommend caution, but I will mention this as an interesting story. Poster "rlarsen" reports, of Audi A4 B8 (A5 is a close relative), at audiforum.us (TPMS just programming?, http://audiforum.us/b8-platform/12077-tpms-just-programming-3.html) that tyre pressuring monitoring seems to be enableable via VAG-COM, for certain ABS module revisions at least. If your ABS module rejects this coding, it might not support TPMS. Apparently 1AT ABS module may be required, 1AS may not work (see part number label in service book). Whether or not this is all there is to this, I recommend following-up on the thread above before doing anything, but again - interesting story and potential there. Note: All this applies to the indirect, ABS sensor based TPMS. Direct TPMS with wheel sensors in some markets is different.

First enable CAR menu tyre pressure entry from the MMI hidden menu (see above for how to access the MMI hidden menu in MMI 2G or 3G) or, if your car has an Audi Chorus/Concert/Symphony radio without hidden menu, check for/enable the tyre pressure checkbox in VAG-COM/VCDS coding for module 56 - Radio. Then in module 03 - ABS Brakes, go to Security Access - 16 (popup in VAG-COM/VCDS should show the security code needed), Coding - 07 and bit 3 in byte 1 set to 1. Then in module 17 - Instruments, go to Coding - 07 and bit 0 in byte 4 set to 1. Afterwards power off, wait some time, reset MMI and clear any error codes. You may encounter an initial error and need to reset error codes twice after storing TPMS values via the CAR menu (see your Audi manual on how to operate the tyre pressure monitoring system). To reset MMI, see: How to reset MMI (https://a6retrofit.tripod.com/articles/resetmmi.html).

Note about radio Chorus/Concert/Symphony: To see how this is done on A4/A5/Q5 cars with radio instead of MMI, see here: http://www.audizine.com/forum/showthread.php?t=278256&page=7.

Note about MMI 3G: Enabling TPMS in the CAR menu is a bit different for MMI 3G than in MMI 2G, see this link: http://audiforum.us/b8-platform/12077-tpms-just-programming-10.html. Apparently you set tires air pressure control to 5 in the MMI 3G hidden menu (see beginning of article on how to access/enable hidden menu) in main/car/carmenuoperation. The link also suggests to enable RDK in main/car/cardevicelist in the hidden menu, but end-result is unconfirmed.

Adjusting window/headlight washers and wipers: According to unconfirmed posts at motor-talk.de (see the original posts here for accurate information, in case my translation is flawed, http://www.motor-talk.de/forum/codierungen-hier-sammeln-t1963013.html?page=57 and http://www.motor-talk.de/forum/codierungen-hier-sammeln-t1963013.html?page=56) in module Central Elect., adaptation channel 6 one can change the duration which the washers run, channel 25 the time of holding down the washer lever after which headlight washers activate and in channel 26 the amount of washer lever presses required to activate the headlight washers. According to these unconfirmed posts, to completely disable the headlight washers, change in module 09, coding, byte 20 from 04 to 00 and save. To disable the "one more wipe after some time" function in the window washer (http://www.motor-talk.de/forum/codierungen-hier-sammeln-t1963013.html?page=55), in module 09, coding, wiper control sub-module (WWS), long coding wizard, change byte 1, bit 3. There is also talk of disabling the rear wiper, perhaps a coding checkbox already in Central Elect. module in VAG-COM/VCDS (see below). Some of these changes may not work in all model-years and are unconfirmed.

Adjust radio Chorus/Concert/Symphony stopping time: According to unconfirmed post at motor-talk.de (http://www.motor-talk.de/forum/codierungen-hier-sammeln-t1963013.html?page=55), one can adjust this from module 56, adaptation channel 3, from 1 to 99 minutes.

Change MMI 3G splashscreen: According to unconfirmed post at motor-talk.de (http://www.motor-talk.de/forum/codierungen-hier-sammeln-t1963013.html?page=52), go to MMI 3G hidden menu (see above how to enable it), car, carcodingvehicle, set the desired settings and press Update Splashscreen (according car line), then reset MMI.

Change radio Concert/Symphony splashscreen: According to capvag at A5OC.com (http://www.a5oc.com/forums/showthread.php/vag-com-change-10568/index3.html) changing in module 56 - Radio byte 12, setting bit 0 from 0 to 1 results in an "S5" logo on the splashscreen (the startup screen on the radio), setting bit 1 from 0 to 1, results in an "RS" splashscreen. Setting both bits 0 and 1 from 0 to 1 results in an "S" logo.

Audio CD import with CD-Text support in MMI 3G: According to unconfirmed post at motor-talk.de (http://www.motor-talk.de/forum/codierungen-hier-sammeln-t1963013.html?page=55), go to MMI 3G hidden menu (see above how to enable it), diagnosis, settings, multimedia import of copy / no ripping to copy / ripping set.

Enable efficiency program in the information system: Thanks to A4 Weini at motor-talk.de (http://www.motor-talk.de/forum/codierungen-hier-sammeln-t1963013.html?page=63), he notes that in the instrument cluster adaptation channel 77 set the value from 0 to 255 to enable the Audi efficiency program in the driver information system. This probably applies to model-year 2010 only. See picture: http://data.motor-talk.de/data/galleries/0/15/2713/8306629/bordcomputer-energieanzeige2-5102.jpg.

Lower MMI 2G radio volume when reversing with APS Plus: If your radio volume isn't lowering automatically, add +8 to the stored value in adaptation channel 11 in 07 Control Head. See the VAG-COM/VCDS help bubble for the channel as well as this link: http://www.a5oc.com/forums/showthread.php/reversing-lowering-volume-9120/index.html. Thanks to morski. MMI 3G users can just adjust the in-car entertainment fader option within the MMI menus.

Enabling trip computer without the trip computer controls in wiper stalk: In 56-Radio (this part of the tip is for radios not MMI) check byte 9, bit 6 (board settings active?) and in 17-Instruments check byte 1, bit 2 (DIS active). This will enable the DIS display of e.g. miles/km to gas empty. Then in radio CAR menu go to Instrument cluster, On-board computer 1/2 and set all the entries to No, except the one you wish to display on the DIS (since without the stalk controls you can not scroll them). You will also gain speed warning via the same menu. Thanks to NPuter (http://www.audizine.com/forum/showthread.php?t=278256&page=11) and Cabal_san at AudiWorld for this tip.

Disabling automatic rear window wipe (when reversing with wipers on) on Avant models: Go to module 09 - Central Elect., 16 - Security Access, 10 - Adaptation, Channel 19, change value 1 to 0. Thanks to scneidfried (http://www.motor-talk.de/forum/codierungen-hier-sammeln-t1963013.html?page=69) and rlarsen (http://www.audizine.com/forum/showthread.php?t=278256&page=12) for reporting this.

Coding after retrofitting Xenons in place of halogens: This is for A4 B8, unknown if completely same for A5/Q5, could be. TS-Tec posts quite useful coding changes for those looking into replacing halogen beams with Xenons (http://www.motor-talk.de/forum/codierungen-hier-sammeln-t1963013.html?page=69). See the link for details and a more readable format, but to summarize here is a translation of what he reports: In 09 - Central Elect. Byte 0 from $69 to $26 (Xenon installed), Byte 2 from $C0 to $D0 (DRL as LED tail lights and one stripe at DRL), Byte 3 from $A7 to $AF (LED-Stripes at Coming / Leaving Home), Byte 14 $5F to $5D (maybe necessary for the high beam switch), Byte 15 $5F to $5D (maybe necessary for the high beam switch). Cars with beam assistant: In 20 - Beam Assistant Byte 0 of $01 to $02. Note that these are byte values, not individual bits. He also mentions: "BCM1 Byte 6 Bit 3 means LED at CH/LH", CH/LH = Coming Home / Leaving Home.

Tighten the steering: Macuser reported on AudiZine.com that by coding in 09 - Cent. Elect. the byte 07 from 01 to 00 (that is, turn off/set to 0 the bit 0 in byte 7) will tighten/stiffen the steering considerably. As with the TPMS coding above which affected the ABS unit, a word of serious warning because this affects systems relating to control of car. This coding was apparently found by accident, nobody in public seems to know what it really does and how. It might adversely affect your car's control, warranty and/or break it, for all we know. So try at your own risk, with care and outside of open roads. Follow the story here: http://www.audizine.com/forum/showthread.php?t=341174 and http://www.audizine.com/forum/showthread.php?t=278256&page=12.

Voice control in MMI 3G Audi A5 Cabriolet: javii reports at AudiForum.us (http://audiforum.us/mmi/13459-change-sds-language-mmi-3g.html) that coding module 5F to e.g. 01010001010681ED01002B1E000000010000 where the underlined number was changed from 0 to 1 will enable the speech dialogue system that is normally disabled in Cabriolet. After that, go to the MMI car menu, setup, change the language to a different one for a while, and then change it back to your language.

Adjustable footwell lighting: DavidB8 reports at AudiZine.com (http://www.audizine.com/forum/showthread.php?346857-DIY-Ambiance-Lighting-%28Full-time-adjustable-foot-lighting%29 ) how to apparently enable adjustable footwell lighting on Audi A4 B8/A5 cars that do not have the adjustment menu enabled as standard. It is done via the hidden menu, see earlier in this article on how to enable and access the hidden menu. For MMI 2G the setting goes: DIAG SETTINGS -> APK 0x01, 0x0B, 0x0C -> Interior lighting (extended). For MMI 3G, go to 09 Cent. Elect., Coding 07, Long Coding Helper, Byte 16, enable bits 0 and 1 (enable front and rear footwell lights). Then in the hidden menu go to car, carmenuoperation, interior light from 0 to 1, then hit return and go to cardevicelist, enable Interior light. Finally reset the MMI (https://a6retrofit.tripod.com/articles/resetmmi.html).

Changing default Audi Drive Select mode: It has been reported (http://www.motor-talk.de/forum/endlich-codierungen-drive-select-t2593674.html and http://www.audizine.com/forum/showthread.php?349092-VCDS-coding-of-Audi-Drive-Select-default-setting) that by adjusting all these four adaptation channels, one can change the default Audi Drive Select mode from auto to any of the other three modes: 09 – Cent. Elect. - Security Access - 16 - Adaptation - 10 - Channels 63, 64, 65 and 66. Set the channels (all of them) to one of these numbers: 1 = Comfort, 2 = Auto (default), 3 = Dynamic, 4 = Individual. Thanks to schneidfried!

Limited Audi Drive Select individual mode also for cars without Audi Drive Select: C99 reports at A5OC.com (http://www.a5oc.com/forums/showthread.php/vag-com-change-10568/index.html) that even cars without Audi Drive Select buttons can be coded to adjust engine response and automatic gear-box, as well as Servotronic steering, like an ADS (without dynamic steering or dynamic dampening) would. (See also AudiZine.com: http://www.audizine.com/forum/showthread.php?349921-DIY-Audi-Individual-Drive-Select-VAGCOM&p=5020059) First 09 - Central Electric is coded to "Charisma engine only" byte 7, bit 5, change 0 to 1 (you may also have to change byte 7 bit 2 as well), byte 8, bit 2, change 0 to 1 and byte 17, bit 7, change 0 to 1. In byte 8 bit 3, 4 and 5 from 0 to 1 will respectively switch steering, suspension and sports differential modes on in addition to the engine mode, although the latter two modes are undoubtedly of no use without such hardware in the car. Byte 7, bit 4 is apparently for active steering, again probably of use only if such hardware is in the car. Then 09 - Central Electric, Security Access - 16, Adaptation - 10, change channels 63 to 66 to value 4 (individual mode). (See here for more discussion on these codes: http://www.a5oc.com/forums/showthread.php/vag-com-change-10568/index2.html)

Getting the Audi Drive Select individual option appear in CAR menu (MMI cars only) you may need to access the hidden menu to enable "Charisma" (the code-name for Audi Drive Select), see way above in this article on how to enable and access the hidden menu in MMI 2G and MMI 3G. MMI 2G: In hidden menu menu go to Diag settings, Car menus maske, check Charisma and go down to Accept changes. MMI 3G: In hidden menu, go to "car", select “cardevicelist”, scroll down and check Charisma. Go back, and still in the "car" hidden menu, select “carmenuoperation”. Scroll down to Charisma, change from 0 to 1. On both MMIs then reset the MMI. For cars without MMI (e.g. with radio Concert/Symphony) and thus without the Audi Drive Select individual menu it is probably worth trying setting Comfort or Dynamic modes directly (in the channels 63-66) using the VAG-COM coding above in "Changing default Audi Drive Select mode" to see if there is change in engine, steering and auto-transmission.

Fog lights as cornering lights: C99 reports DavidB8s work at A5OC.com (http://www.a5oc.com/forums/showthread.php/fog-lights-cornering-10615/index.html) that changing byte 4 bit 0 from 0 to 1 in 09 - Central Electric enables fog lights as cornering lights. Note: Depending on market certain light configurations may be illegal to drive on public roads.

Fog lights active with high-beams, headlights all the time: DavidB8s codes are reported at AudiZine.com and A5OC.com (http://www.a5oc.com/forums/showthread.php/foglights-w-highbeams-9802/index.html) in full. Front fogs stay on with high-beams by coding in 09 - Cent. Elect. byte 4 bit 1 (0 = active), byte 4 bit 2 means rear fogs stay with high-beams (0 = active). Headlights on all the time: byte 4, bit 5 (1 = active). Note: Depending on market certain light configurations may be illegal to drive on public roads.

Rear view camera adjustment: djt511 at A5OC.com thread New Vag Com Mod - Rear View Camera (http://www.a5oc.com/forums/showthread.php/new-vag-com-12926/index.html) lists many codes and adaptation channels to change rear view camera behavior. Check the link out.

Daytime running lights behaviour: Daytime running lights (DRLs) behave differently in different markets, for example the front LED light strips that accompany Xenon lights turn off or dim in some markets when blinking/signalling. Aerodave on A5OC.com has researched this and posted his experiences here: http://www.a5oc.com/forums/showthread.php/have-solved-drl-2468/index.html. In short, he reports that changing Central Electronics 09, Submodule 0 (Master Cent. Elec. box, rather than a slave module), Byte 3 (fourth from the left), Bit 7 (first bit from the left in the binary representation, bottom check box in the VAG-COM long coding helper) is the key. If set to 1, setting it to 0 makes the DRLs stay on when signalling. Thanks to Aerodave and please see the full thread for more! Note: Depending on market certain light configurations may be illegal to drive on public roads.

Aerodave - thanks! - sent this great list of additional bits you can toggle and turn to change the DRL behaviour.

For submodule 0:

Byte 02
bit 0 -
bit 1 - front side markers as DRL
bit 2 - headlights as DRL
bit 3 - fog lights as DRL
bit 4 - LED strip as DRL
bit 5 -
bit 6 - side markers as DRL
bit 7 - tail lights as DRL

Byte 03
bit 0 -
bit 1 -
bit 2 - LEDs remain at full brightness with parking lights
bit 3 -
bit 4 - Turns off DRLs when checked
bit 5 -
bit 6 -
bit 7 - Turn off LED-strip DRL with turn signal (dim LED if front side marker also selected as DRL)

Byte 10
bit 3 - Set to 0 to disable amber side markers (U.S. vehicles)

See also: http://www.a5oc.com/forums/showthread.php/some-new-lighting-3490/index.html

Apparently Ross-Tech have added long coding helper labels for A5 Central Electronics module in later versions of their VAG-COM/VCDS software. The downside of this seems to be that you can not easily edit bits unknown to the software, like the bits controlling some aspects of day-time running light behaviour (previously they just had checkboxes without labels for easy changing). If you need to change these bits using VAG-COM and you can't see the easy checkboxes in your version, you need to edit either the module coding binary representation or the bytes manually. Aerodave reporrts here http://www.a5oc.com/forums/showthread.php/help-vagcom-3585/index.html?p=39477 that you also need to hit tab, up or down after entering bits or byte manually in order to save them before exiting the long coding helper.

If you choose to edit individual bytes, some instructions: When you need to change, say, bit 1 in Central Electronics submodule 0 byte 02 (front side markers as DRL) make note of the value displayed for byte 02 currently in the long coding helper. It is a byte displayed in hexadecimal numbers, ranging from 00 to FF (that is 0 to 255 in "regular" numbers, hex values just use letters A to F in addition to numbers). You will need to take the hex value of byte 02, convert it to binary representation, i.e. bit form (a byte consists of eight bits so the resulting "bit form" would be something like 10010001, eight zeros or ones), change the bit you want to change, and convert the bits back to a hex value that you can enter to the VAG-COM software in place of the old hex value.

You can use e.g. this hexadecimal converter http://www.mathsisfun.com/binary-decimal-hexadecimal-converter.html or any other capable converter or calculator if you don't know exactly how to do the math yourself. In the linked converter, type the hexadecimal value from VAG-COM to the hex field and you can see the bits in the top-most binary field of the converter. Change the bits you like and note the resulting hex value. In bit math bits are entered from right to left, the right-most bit being the bit 0 and the left-most bit 7. So, if you need to change bit 1, change the second digit from the right. To change, say, bit 7, change the first digit from the left. After changing the bits in the calculator, you can enter the resulting hex value to VAG-COM to replace to existing hexadecimal byte value there.

If bit math isn't your thing, apparently you could also remove the labels file for the particular module from the VAG-COM directory (Labels sub-directory) to be able to see and click the unlabeled bit checkboxes again. See here: http://www.a5oc.com/forums/showthread.php/help-vagcom-3585/index.html


A lot of other VAG-COM settings have been published for A5, which I am not going to repeat here, see the following links for starting points. Many things can be adjusted, like fuel calculation, tire circumference for non-GPS navigation calculations etc.:

http://www.a5oc.com/forums/showthread.php/a5-software-recall-2211/index.html (see post 25)
http://www.ultimatevw.com/keskustelu/?cmd=aihe&id=9845&sivu=33 (previous post mirrored here if you scroll down the page)
http://wiki.ross-tech.com/index.php/Audi_A5/S5_(8T) (Ross-Tech’s diagnostics page)
http://de.openobd.org/ (large generic German VAG-COM coding site)
http://oooo-a3.blogspot.com/2006/02/a3-can-system-long-coding-worksheet.html (Audi A3 codings, some of them might be useful for A5 too)

For links on video in motion solutions, including links to VAG-COM/VCDS solutions, see here:

Notes on unlocking MMI 2G/3G video while driving

Vidéo in motion

A new Audi diagnostics and coding site - time will tell what kind of info the site will provide, but maybe check it out:


Off-topic: Starting with some new Audi models such as A4/A5 some retrofits require so called SVM codes to be used by the dealer on the car (not possible to use them with VAG-COM apparently, at least not at the time of writing), such as 050 170 code fror adding AMI to can based cars 8K/8T chassis. List of these codes is being collected in the link below:

SVM codes

Useful links below for more information on the MMI 2G hidden menu:

A Video tour of the new and old US Car+Setup menus...

German hidden menu description

Hidden menu i the MMI

Thanks to kkrull for pointing these out!

See the Interesting VAG-COM codes for A5/S5 thread on A5OC.com (http://www.a5oc.com/forums/showthread.php/interesting-VAG-COM-3442/index.html?p=42747) for more interesting notes on these and other VAG-COM codes. Sebastian from Ross-Tech comments there that A5 coding is surprisingly close to A3 (and unlike A6) in many parts.

More links:

http://www.a5oc.com/forums/showthread.php/free-tilting-mirror-6410/index.html ('Free' tilting mirror! (VAG-coding))
http://www.motor-talk.de/forum/codierungs-moeglichkeiten-beim-a5-t2000380.html (CODIERUNGS- möglichkeiten beim A5)
http://www.motor-talk.de/forum/codierungen-hier-sammeln-t1963013.html (Codierungen hier sammeln?)
http://www.audizine.com/forum/showthread.php?t=278256 (Audizine.com: Cool VAG-COM codes)

To understand things like MMI 2G and MMI 3G, see these:

Summary of current Audi multimedia systems and history

Will the real MMI please stand up? Difference between standard radio Concert/Symphony and the optional DVD navigation's MMI controls in B8 platform Audi A4 and A5

Good luck and be careful! Remember to make notes and "backups" of any settings you change so that you can try to go back if something goes wrong. Please be aware that VAG-COM is potentially a dangerous tool, you can mess something up.

By LoCal

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