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Notes on retrofitting TV module Audi A4 B8/A5/A6/Q7/A8

1.6.2008 (updated 7.3.2010) - This article is a collection of links and notes on retrofitting TV/video display on the Audi MMI screen. MMI 2G, MMI 3G and third-party solutions (for both MMI and the Concert/Symphony radios) information are linked to, although the actual notes at the end of this article are for MMI 2G. If you are unsure which MMI generation or radio system your car has, read this article.

This article is most relevant for MMI 2G and also contains some links to MMI 3G as well as third-party solutions. For further information on the factory MMI 2G solution as well as MMI 3G notes, see the hybrid TV installation article and the rear-view camera article mentioned below.

First some useful links, scroll below for the actual article.

See these articles:

Hybrid TV module installation Audi A6/A4 B8/A5 (relevant for Q7/A8 too)

Note: This article you are currently reading covers MMI 2G, look in the end of the above Hybrid TV module installation article for notes on television retrofit in the new MMI 3G.

Can I watch video/video files in an Audi? (A4 B8/A5/Q5/A6/A8/Q7)

If your car does not have full MMI (e.g. A4/A5/Q5 with radio Concert or Symphony) or you do not wish to retrofit the video-capable head unit mentioned below, check out Conexx for after-market solutions:




Make sure you check if the solution is for MMI 2G, MMI 3G or radio Concert/Symphony (A4/A5/Q5 without factory navigation), so it matches whichever system your car has.

Also, this solution for A4 B8/A5/Q5 radio Concert/Symphony cars has appeared for retrofitting navigation, DVD and digital TV:

Hifi Center Karlsruhe : Audi A4 B8 A5 Q5 Navi GPS DVD TV Kamera nachrüsten!


Xcarlink MMI video interface install

Some alternative third-party systems also also discussed here:

A5OC.com: TV in the car

YouTube: Using Centrafuse on Audi A5 2.0 TFSI Quattro

YouTube: Video interface module for Audi A5 (and also for A4,Q5)

Also see this thread for some AV-input options for MMI 3G:

AudiForum.us: AV-input for MMI 3G

Finnish readers may enjoy this:

Kosketuspaneelin ja tietokoneen asennus A5:n

But, back to the Audi MMI 2G factory TV module retrofit...

I have mainly researched the A6, but much of this is relevant for A4 B8/A5 with MMI 2G factory navigation as well as Q7/A8 too. See also my notes on retrofitting the Audi Parking System Advanced rear-view camera on this site, which covers some ground relevant to the installation of the MMI 2G TV module as well.

The actual retrofitting of an analogue (update: or analogue/digital hybrid) TV module is actually very simple, it goes in the module rack left side of the trunk (see my notes on DVD navigation retrofit on this site). Basically you just lift up the rack, plug in the component, connect power, inject it to the MOST fiber-optic loop and other cabling pretty much just like you would do with the navigation retrofit and that is pretty much it. If that was all there is to the subject, this would be a very short article indeed. Unfortunately, as is often the case, this is not all there is to it.

There are two main complications: the antenna and the composite video connection to MMI. The first I haven't really researched (update: see the above linked Hybrid TV module installation article for newer/more notes on this), but apparently the TV antenna is in the rear glass - if yours has it as standard, then connecting to it should be doable, otherwise you need to consider some other antenna or change the glass. You might not need an antenna at all if you just intend to use the composite video input provided by the TV module with a special cable, you could connect, say, a DVD player to this input and be done with it.

The composite video connection to MMI, however, is mandatory - if you car has a rear-view camera (APS Advanced) then you are in luck because you can simply route the TV module's composite video output (which takes the TV image to the MMI screen in the front, it does not travel in the optical cable) to the rear-view camera module on the right side of the trunk. If you don't have the rear-view camera, you probably won't have a composite video input (so called FBAS input, coloured green) in the MMI main unit behind the glove-compartment and you need to change the module and route a composite video cable to the front of the car to get an image out of it. See my notes on retrofitting the rear-view camera on this site for more on this.

Useful links:

Hybrid TV module installation Audi A6/A4 B8/A5 (relevant for Q7/A8 too)

OEM TV tuner retrofit for A6 4F US specs (works on A8 with high MMI)

More details and connection to rear glass TV antenna plus a really cool article in its own right:

Audi A6 (mit MMI) - Car-PC Projekt

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