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Notes on Audi adaptive cruise control retrofit (by LoCal)

9.3.2010 - LoCal commented on Audi A4 B8 adaptive cruise control retrofit in this AudiZine.com retrofit thread:

And the Delivery man commeth. Upcoming projects.

"DavidB8 good luck with your projects!

It may interest you to know that adaptive cruise control retrofits have been done on the great AudiForum.us retrofit site. Search there, at least A6/A8 cars have been done, which have pretty much the same stuff of course different physical parts.

The problem is the instrument cluster which needs to be swapped because it contains the adaptive cruise control markings around the speed dial. And since the instrument cluster contains the total miles/kilometers driven, immobilizer too I guess, it is a specially guarded part - Audi have been known to refuse to sell a new one unless exact the same part as already in the car. Also, install of instrument cluster requires online connection to Audi while doing it, so it must be done by an official maintenance shop. Basically people have had to source an adaptive cruise instrument cluster from the Internet, then prove to their dealer it was not stolen and then some have reluctantly done the install. Maybe other dealers and markets approach this more easily?

Rest of the adaptive cruise control retrofit is more straightforward, although it has included things like installing a new CAN gateway (need depending on car's existing equipment), but unknown if that applies to A4 B8 too. Also, after completing the installation, the adaptive cruise control must be calibrated by the dealer using speciality equipment.

See for example here:


Thanks to a4ss4abt for that retrofit posting. Hope that helps a little!"

By LoCal

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