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Notes on unlocking MMI 2G/3G video while driving (by LoCal)

8.7.2009 (updated 21.7.2009) - LoCal's post from A5OC.com about how MMI video display (TV, video AUX or MMI 3G DVD) is unlocked to operate while the car is in motion, published with permission.

Vidéo in motion

The text below doesn't mention it, but Kufatec also sells a TV in motion solution for Audi A3/A4 B7/TT/R8 RNS-E navigation system. See kufatec.de.

"At the moment the only two publicly known ways (as far as I can tell) are these, for both MMI 2G and 3G TV/video in motion:

1) Buy a MMI 2G or MMI 3G dongle from Kufatec (MMI 3G dongle also releases DVD playback while driving), kufatec.de.

2) Or pay to audi-portal.com (http://www.audi-portal.com/en/retrofiting/tricks_001.html) for them to remote connect to your computer and do it via VAG COM. You need to have VAG COM cable connected to the car, of course.

The latter tells us that it is possible to with VAG COM and both Kufatec dongle and audi-portal.com actually "just" code the car some way that we probably could do ourselves... if we knew how.

Unfortunately the one party that might have this info and a business-case to release it is Ross-Tech (makers of VAG COM), who do not want to release the info - if their employees public comment is correct - for liability reasons (so that they won't be sued when somebody crashes watching video).

Others that know have a business-reason to not tell us... so until someone who knows spills the beans, personally I would sit tight or maybe go with the Kufatec dongle because Kufatec is an older establishment and thus I would better know what I am getting. Everyone is free to choose of course!

Whether or not it is right for people to withhold the information, that is a debate I don't want to have. Nor do I expect the info to come out any time soon, so don't wait for it unless you are prepared to wait forever. MMI 2G is really six years old now and that info still isn't in the public, I doubt MMI 3G info will come out any sooner unless someone in the know decides to tell.

Note: Unlocking this might be dangerous and/or illegal in your country."

UPDATE 19./21.7.2009:

According to the links below the VIM speed threshold can be changed via adaptation channel 63 in the MMI 2G head unit (07) or adaptation channel 48 in the MMI 3G head unit (5F). The channel is read-only unless you have a login code, derived/calculated from a component ID (head unit serial number apparently) in your car. See links for more on this topic.

Enable VIM for free?

Enable VIM TV-playback using VCDS/VAG-COM in your Audi MMI

By LoCal (quoted, with permission, text)

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