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How to remove Audi badges from the car (and paint them black too) (by LoCal)

15.2.2009 (updated 23.6.2009) - A fellow Audi enthusiast LoCal sent in this contribution.
Below is a link to Ultimatetaba's Fourtitude.com forum posting on how to remove a rear Audi badge and paint it black. It contains useful pictures and notes on painting an Audi badge to black after removing it.

To remove a badge from the car (the rear Audi logo badge in the case of Ultimatetaba's article linked below, but it could be any badge, like the quattro or engine size badges) you need the following:

- Blow dryer/heatgun
- Floss/fishing line or other strong piece of string that won't damage the car

Then you use the blow dryer to heat the badge that is on the car, namely the adhesive behind it. When done, you take the floss (or whatever you are using) and pull it right to left behind the badge with an up/down motion to cut the softened adhesive and badge from the car. After that remove any leftover adhesive from the car by heating it some more and then peeling it off. Ultimatetaba's article also suggests some additional steps you can take here.

See Ultimatetaba's great article - thanks Ultimatetaba!

How to: DIY Black Rings (rear)

Use the information at your own risk of course.

You may also want to see this link:

Removing A5 badge

By LoCal

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