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Updating MMI (by LoCal)

15.7.2009 (updated 24.1.2010) - Here are brief instructions by LoCal for updating MMI High (MMI 2G) to current version 5570. Also, MMI 3G update links below.

This article covers MMI 2G, for MMI 3G update information see these links. (Update 24.1.2010.)

AudiForum.us: Latest 3G MMI firmware version (EU)?

AudiForum.us: MMI 3G Software Update

For more discussion on the MMI 2G 5570 update, see for example these sites:

Mmi 2g: 5570

MMI upgrade to 5570

Before proceeding, it is recommended to read and understand, in addition to this summary article, all the information behind the URLs - especially if you are updating your MMI for the first time. A lot of useful experiences and notes of troublespots are available behind the URLs above (and on the audiforum.us/mmi site in general).

First some background information...

Most of these instructions will probably apply to other MMI High update versions, although earlier updates may have come on single discs and required prior updates to be installed first, so be mindful of whatever process the version you install requires. Some MMI updates have been notorious for bricking (breaking) telephony modules, the latest 5570 CD set should be the safest in this regard. None of this applies to the new MMI 3G, shipping in Audis since late 2008, just the older colour-screen MMI 2G / MMI High used in A6/A8/Q7 in approximately 2003 - 2008 and A4 B8/A5 in 2007 - 2008/early 2009.

(Since at least mid-2009 a slightly updated MMI 2G has been available as a lower-end navigation option in current Audis, at least in Europe. It is known as MMI Navigation, where as MMI 3G is MMI Navigation Plus. It is unknown at the time of writing what MMI software version they run or how the update process goes, but it is likely the update process described in this article is somewhat relevant for that lower-end current MMI system as well, although the 5570 version is probably not compatible/needed. I would suggest following the audiforum.us/mmi site for info. For German speaking audience motor-talk.de is good.)

(Update 19.7.2009: The above-mentioned fact about updated MMI 2G since mid-2009 may not be correct. The new MMI Navigation may be something completely else technically. In that case these instructions would not be relevant for the new system. See here: http://audiforum.us/mmi/12079-new-option-copy-nav-data-sdhc-card-2.html)

These instructions apply to European cars only, although the update process for systems in other markets (which run different software versions and sometimes have some hardware differences) may be similar.

These instructions do NOT apply to Audi radio Chorus/Concert/Symphony III or BNS 5.0/RNS-E navigation systems that have screens and control-logic that look like MMI, but are not actual MMI systems (even if they claim so on start-up). To understand that difference, read this:

Will the real MMI please stand up? Difference between standard radio Concert/Symphony and the optional DVD navigation's MMI controls in B8 platform Audi A4 and A5

Aside from MMI (system) updates, there are also two different, but related update processes...

Updating MMI High navigation DVD is a different matter (navigation DVDs update both the map info and the navigation module), for more on that see here (updating is done by just inserting the new DVD to the navigation drive and following on-screen instructions):

Is there a new 2009 MMI Navigation DVD?

(Europe MMI High navigation DVD 2009 is part number 4E0 060 884 BQ when bought post-factory.)

There is also an update available for the Audi Music Interface (AMI) that you can update (provided your AMI is recent enough) via the AMI USB cable using a USB memory-stick. See update at www.audi.de/mp3, at the time of writing direct links are (these often change so use the www.audi.de/mp3 link and look for AMI stuff, if these won't work):


Note that there are at least three different kinds of AMI systems, one for MMI High (MMI 2G) with MOST cabling, another for CAN-based Concert/Symphony III radios (since 2009 model-year) and thirdly a system integrated into the MMI 3G. The update (from spring 2008) at the time of writing is for the MMI High / 2G MOST-based AMI and thus related to this article.

Now, finally on to the MMI High update process...

To check your current MMI version, depending on MMI version 1) click CAR menu and function button for Version, or 2) click SETUP button, function button for Settings and select Version from menu. Version number is the middle number in the SW: row, 5570 being 55.7.0.

First you need to obtain the 5570 upgrade CD set (three CDs). It is very cheap and usually can be obtained from your Audi spareparts desk. There are at least two different part-numbers for the set:

4L0 998 961

A4 B8/A5
8K0 998 961 (reports say this is in fact identical to the above, just with different markings on the CDs, but if you can choose then get the one marked for your car)

Note: You are updating and following this guide at your own risk. A failed update may break stuff. You could also ask your dealer to do this update, although some won't do it without a pressing reason (like a bug or Audi techical bulletin).

To start the update process, press and hold the MMI controls SETUP and RETURN until the screen changes, then look for SWupdate from CD-ROM, select accordingly and follow instructions. Update CD goes into the first slot on the CD drive/changer. You can also browse the menus here to see what component/device versions (SW-Index) you are running (make note of them so that you can check for successful updates). Use the update CDs as follows:

If you are running MMI version older than 5150/5170, run update CD1 first. Otherwise it is not needed.

If you car has telephony functions like phone-prep, run update CD2 second. You may need to run more than once because the phone-prep is a bit tricky to update, check the versions numbers and especially run CD2 twice if your Bluetooth/telephony functions disappear from MMI.

Finally, when previous steps have been confirmed to have worked, update with CD3. After that you should be at 5570.

Using an external battery-charger while updating is recommended or keeping the engine running if legal in your part of the world. Do not disrupt the update process, an interrupted update process may, again, break stuff.

Then some closing thoughts...

In case you need to reset MMI, see this:

How to reset MMI

As for what's new in version 5570, here is a posting of mine from A5OC.com. You may want to read the linked threads in detail to hunt for other clues:

"5150 vs. 5170 is a difference of target cars, 5170 is for A4/A5 and 5150 is generic.

You must mean difference between 5150 and 5570, though? Haven't seen any conclusions. Most knowing-seeming posts refer to a "lot of bugs fixed", someone noted that MEDIA button now changes between sources when pressed multiple times and B&O bass was reported by some to have improved.

Links in addition to re-reading this thread:


For people coming from older versions than 5150/5170, there are of course more additions. A fake-3D navigation mode became available in one older update (requires recent navigation DVD update too) and I believe 5150/5170 brought some new options to the telephony menus. MMI updates historically have also brought support for new accessories and options, so an MMI update is sometimes required after retrofits.

If with the update you loose some things like the battery meter in CAR menu, these can be re-enabled, see e.g. this VAG COM article for more:

Interesting VAG-COM codes for Audi A5 - probably A4 B8 too, maybe A6 etc. as well

Some MMI updates may also require other minor coding/adaptation changes, e.g. if you notice issues with climate control screen no longer showing up on the MMI screen (using VAG COM in MMI controller 07 channel 11 add 32). Search audiforum.us for help on these, it is readily available there.

See here, for example:

Climate control not shown on the MMI

Finnish readers may find some useful MMI update notes here:

UltimateVW.com: Kaikkea uudesta Audi A6:sta (sivu 76)


UPDATE 13.12.2009:

Some potentially helpful links (see links for more links):

MMI update 2G manual

Update instructions for the MMI High.pdf

Opdatering af MMI samt Service CD

By LoCal

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